Miniature LED lighters for ROBOT guide on conveyor belts

The new DL3M series can be used for the design of distributed lighting on conveyor belts or on robot work areas where it is necessary to search for unordered products.
The possibility of creating chains of several illuminators connected to a single power supply allows the distribution of light even in very large work areas.
Each individual illuminator can be configured with a different wavelength or with a different light diffusion mode (3 different types of lenses and 2 different types of diffuser glasses). It is therefore possible to create systems with multi-color lighting or systems with different levels of light diffusion.

RODER LED illuminators

RODER design and develop LED lightings that can be used for a great variety of vision and industrial applications, for example inspection, testing, robot control and quality check. The LED lighting heads feature a superior light intensity and smooth lighting combined with long lifetime. The RODER product family is highly modular and are used in various combinations to optimize the illumination.

All modules, light heads and controllers are made for industrial applications. For this reason they are built in solid aluminium housings. All lights can be used either in continuos, switching or strobe mode. The lights are robust, small in size and easy to install. Just connect the light head to a controller or a RODER driver and the light intensity will be at 100% by default.

Products used in this application

DL3M compact LED lighter with optics for vision system design

DL3M Series

  • Compact LED illuminators
  • High flux LEDs
  • With or without lens

roder vision optical filters for vision systems design

Optical filters

  • Optical filters for vision systems design
  • Available in different dimensions and wavelength