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RODER introducing the DL1, the powerful LED Matrix illuminator for artificial vision applications

In the field of machine vision, proper illumination is a critical factor for achieving accurate and consistent image acquisition. To address this requirement, RODER, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting products, proudly presents the DL1 – a revolutionary LED matrix illuminator that offers exceptional solutions to today’s most challenging artificial vision applications.

The DL1 illuminator features an array of high-performance LEDs that deliver outstanding illumination performance for industrial inspection, quality control, and other automated imaging tasks. Specifically, the illuminator is designed to create direct incident light, which is ideal for multi-angle illumination of objects, capturing even the most intricate details in any viewing condition.

One of the key advantages of the DL1 is its ability to produce high levels of illumination. The illuminator comes with a range of advanced features, including pulse width modulated (PWM) control, which allows the user to adjust the light output intensity as needed. Additionally, the DL1 features a compact design that makes it easy to integrate into a variety of existing systems seamlessly.

The DL1 series has several variants, each designed to meet different illumination requirements and applications.

This makes it easy for users to customize the illuminator’s performance to meet their specific application requirements.

In addition to its advanced features, the DL1 is also extremely durable and reliable, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. The illuminator features a sealed, dust-proof, and water-resistant design, ensuring that it can withstand demanding operating conditions while providing consistent performance.

Another notable feature of the DL1 series is its ease of installation, thanks to the included mounting bracket and screws. The illuminator is also incredibly energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while producing maximum illumination, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for any industrial application.

Designed to deliver unprecedented illumination power, the RODER DL1 is engineered to address the challenges of vision inspection applications and provide highly accurate and reliable results across a range of industries.

The DL1 series illuminators are designed for use in vision systems, where they provide direct lighting of objects and enable multi-angle illumination. This feature provides unparalleled precision and accuracy in vision inspection processes, giving you the confidence to reliably detect defects and eliminate errors in your manufacturing line. The illuminators adopt matrix LED technology, which offers superior brightness and long-term consistency in illumination, delivering top-tier performance in even the most challenging and demanding applications.

The RODER DL1 LED illuminator features a compact and rugged design that is built to deliver reliable performance in the harshest environments. The device comes in square shapes, providing ease of use and flexibility in choosing the right form factor for your application. The square design of the DL1 ensures uniform illumination of objects, and the rectangular shape is engineered to provide coverage over an extensive area, making it an ideal choice for large inspection areas.

The RODER DL1 series illuminators are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of vision applications, including machine vision, food and beverage inspection, electronic product inspection, tunnel inspection, and many more. The illuminators are designed to deliver optimal results in challenging and harsh environments, with temperatures ranging from -30 to 50°C.

Designed with the latest LED technology, the DL1 series illuminators offer unparalleled lighting capabilities, efficient power consumption and a long lifespan, ensuring minimal downtime. The product also features an open-frame design for easy installation and efficient heat dissipation, reducing the need for complicated mounting structures.

In summary, the RODER DL1 is a revolutionary product for artificial vision applications, offering superior illuminating capabilities with consistent performance, ease of use, and flexibility in design. The DL1 is a cutting-edge solution that is set to transform the way vision inspection processes are conducted across a range of industries. To learn more about this incredible product, visit the RODER website today.

This series of illuminators is primarily used in vision systems to create multi-angle lighting for direct illumination of objects.

The DL1 features an elegant and simplistic design that allows for an easy integration into any system. With its compact form factor, it can be used in various environments ranging from industrial to consumer camera systems. The DL1 is a flexible and customizable LED illuminator that offers high-quality illumination and stability even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

The DL1 is equipped with high-brightness LEDs that offer a range of colour temperatures, including white, red, blue, green, and IR. Users can choose between different wavelength options and intensity levels to achieve the desired illumination required for their project. The DL1 also features a pulse width modulation (PWM) control interface that allows for precise control over the intensity level.

In addition to its adjustable settings, the DL1 has several features that set it apart in terms of versatility.

This illuminator series can be used in a wide range of applications, such as machine vision, robotics, biometrics, and optica inspection.

The DL1 is an ideal option for any application that requires high-quality illumination and reliable performance. The series has been designed to provide users with superior lighting options and intuitive controls, making it a popular choice amongst those in the vision industry.

In conclusion, the RODER DL1 is a highly advanced LED matrix illuminator that offers superior performance and cutting-edge features. Its versatile settings and compact design make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications, from consumer camera systems to industrial machine vision. Overall, the DL1 is an exceptional product that delivers outstanding results and is highly recommended for those looking for the best in artificial vision illumination technology.

RODER LED illuminators

RODER design and develop LED lightings that can be used for a great variety of vision and industrial applications, for example inspection, testing, robot control and quality check. The LED lighting heads feature a superior light intensity and smooth lighting combined with long lifetime. The RODER product family is highly modular and are used in various combinations to optimize the illumination.

All modules, light heads and controllers are made for industrial applications. For this reason they are built in solid aluminium housings. All lights can be used either in continuos, switching or strobe mode. The lights are robust, small in size and easy to install. Just connect the light head to a controller or a RODER driver and the light intensity will be at 100% by default.

Products used in this application

DL2 Series

  • Compact LED illuminators
  • High flux LEDs
  • With or without diffusers

DL1 Series

  • Compact LED illuminators
  • High flux LEDs
  • With or without diffusers

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Optical filters

  • Optical filters for vision systems design
  • Available in different dimensions and wavelength