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Multispot configurations with chain connection

The particularity of the DL3M family of LED illuminators is the possibility of creating distributed lighting systems. Each single illuminator can be connected in series with a “chain” configuration capable of powering up to 6 illuminators with the same power supply. The power supply can be connected to a traditional 24Vdc power line. The driver can be fixed…

Miniature LED lighters for ROBOT guide on conveyor belts

The new DL3M series can be used for the design of distributed lighting on conveyor belts or on robot work areas where it is necessary to search for unordered products.The possibility of creating chains of several illuminators connected to a single power supply allows the distribution of light even in very large work areas.Each individual illuminator can be configured…

Miniature LED illuminators for vision systems

The new miniature LED illuminators DC3M series by RODER SRL allow the design of compact vision systems based on industrial cameras. DC3M series illuminators are designed for the construction of industrial division systems and optical test benches where compactness and high beam brightness are required. Miniature LED illuminators DC3M are designed for lighting applications in direct…

LED illuminators for linear camera systems

RODER Vision presents the new family of LED illuminators for direct illumination in vision systems based on linear camera. The new DL1 family is the latest family of LED lighter for vision systems and optical test benches.

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