Backlight LED illuminators – BL3 series

BL3 series illuminators are designed to be easily integrated into vision systems and to provide a low-cost, highly customizable backlighting solution.

Each illuminator BL3 illuminator is internally composed of independent LED modules. With the ability to add or remove LED modules, a customized illuminator can be created according to specific lighting needs.

Modularity also allows for easy maintenance and repair, reducing the cost of replacing the entire illuminator.

Thanks to advanced LED technology, this series of illuminators provides powerful, high-quality illumination with reduced energy consumption compared to other types of lighting. This translates into significant savings in electricity costs, as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

In addition, the matrix of emitting LEDs ensures high uniformity and stability over time.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors. They can be used for machine vision, quality control and easily integrated with industrial vision machines, image sensors and optical inspection benches.

Designed with last generation of high brightness LED the BL3 is a very low cost backlight illuminator.

The BL3 Series has built-in driver for constant current operation. No external driver is needed. The series works in continuous operation mode or can operate with either an ON-OFF trigger signal when using on/off input mode.

This series of backlight LED illuminators work on an industry standard 24VDC.

Proper heat dissipation is achieved using the side extrusion and the heat sink installed on the bottom of the light. The 20 mm extrusion makes mounting the backlight easy when using drop-in T-nuts.


Typical applications

RODER vision application with led backlight and bottle on belt

New family of LED lighter for backlight illumination in vision systems.The new BL3 family is the latest family of LED lighter for vision systems and optical test benches.

Designed with last generation of high flux LED the BL3 is a very low cost illuminator.

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in a vision system and is in fact key to achieve stable and repeatable results. Incorrect illumination may result in extensive and time consuming image processing or, in the worst case, in crucial information loss.


High brightness LEDs

Use of the latest generation of LEDs with high brightness and color stability. High variety of colors and high variety of configurations available.

HTTM Technology

HTTM Technology ( RODER Patent Pending Technology ) for the efficient disposal of the heat produced by LEDs. Use of the latest electronic assembly techniques for efficient thermal management of the LED emitter.

Anodized aluminium body

Enclosure made of anodized aluminium obtained from a single block to ensure an high dissipation of heat produced and an excellent structural rigidity.

48 hours testing

All RODER products of the BL3 family are subjected to a test cycle for a time not less than 48 hours. The test certificate is attached to the product and certifies the correct execution of assembly operations.

Industrial connector

All RODER products of the BL3 family are equipped with a cable with standard connector M8 3 poles. The connector is equipped with a safety ring that allows the installation of the illuminator even in applications with high vibrations. The connector allows an easy and fast installation or an easy maintenance.

Low thickness

The use of SMD mounting technologies and the use of high-efficiency optical lenses allows the DL3M family to be very compact and thin.

Replaceable glass

The use of SMD mounting technologies and the use of high-efficiency optical lenses allows the DL3M family to be very compact and thin.

Scratch-proof protective glass

The protective glass is made of plastics material equipped with an anti-scratch and anti-aging film. This characteristic allows the maintenance of the optical characteristics of the glass even in aggressive environments or with the presence of environmental contaminants.


RODER SRL presents the new BL3 series LED illuminators for direct lighting in artificial vision, manual inspection, microscopes, optical machines and generic lighting applications.

The BL3 series of illuminators is built with the latest generation of LEDs, capable of guaranteeing high brightness, low consumption, high luminous efficiency and an average life of over 100000 operating hours (equal to 11 years with continuous use or 15-16 years with its discontinuous).

It is possible to choose between different sizes (20 different sizes and configurations available) and different wavelengths. Custom versions are also available, made to specification and with customized characteristics.

The BL3 series container is in anodized aluminum and gives the illuminator a good aesthetic finish and a high dissipation of the heat produced by the LEDs and electronic control circuits.

The BL3 series is particularly suitable for OEMs and System Integrators who use LED lights integrated in complex systems or proprietary equipment.

The cable with connector allows an easy and quick disconnection from the power supply unit for maintenance or cleaning operations. The use of HTTM (High Thermal Transmission Material – Roder Electronics Trademark) technology allows adequate heat dissipation, good chromatic stability of the illuminator and long operating life of the illuminator.

All the illuminators of the BL3 series integrate the drivers for the stabilization of the LED current and allow to operate with a direct 24 Vdc power supply, keeping the light emission constant and ensuring a high homogeneity of the light emission matrix.

The small size of the illuminator also allows installation in compact automatic machines and automatic production systems.