Direct LED Illuminators – DL5 Series

DL5 Series LED illuminators for machine vision applications

Modular : each illuminator consists of separate LED module. Thanks to the possibility of adding or removing LED modules, it is possible to create a customised illuminator according to specific lightning needs. Modularity also allows for easy maintenance and repair, reducing the cost of replacing the entire illuminator.

Low cost solutions : Thanks to advanced LED technology, this series of illuminators offers powerful, high-quality illumination with reduced energy consumption compared to other types of lighting. This translates into significant saving in electricity costs, as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

Versatile : Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, intensities ans colours. They can be used for machine vision quality control and easily integrated with industrial vision machines, image sensors and security cameras.

Why choose a DL5 illuminator ?

  1. Configurable lenses
    Different types of lenses can be installed to achieve different degrees of focusing of the emitted light beam
  2. Modular LED modules
    Modular LED modules capable of producing arrays of different sizes and shapes
  3. Protective glass
    Protective glass made of plastic material with anti-scratch and anti-ageing treatment
  4. Very high efficiency LEDs
    Use of the latest generation of high-brightness, low-power LEDs
  5. HTTM Technology
    Use of HTTM technology for high heat dissipation produced by LEDs
  6. Industrial connector
    Connector with threaded ferrule fastening for easy assembly and quick disconnection in case of maintenance
  7. Profile with side groove
    Profile with side fixing groove for easy, fast and flexible attachment to walls or structures
  8. Test certificate
    Each illuminator undergoes a 48-hour test cycle and is issued a test certificate delivered with the product