Flat Dome / Ring LED illuminators – DM2 Series

LED Illuminators for direct lighting ( Ring Light ) or with glass diffuser to create diffuse lighting ( Dome Light ).

Versatile : The new DM2 series by RODER is equipped with glass diffusers for creating a dome of light within the camera’s field of view. Additionally, the illuminator can be used as a ring light for illuminating direct components. The dome light is ideal for maximising the field of view and minimising any shadows in the camera’s view. The flexibility and functionality of this series make it a valuable choice for different industrial applications, making the DM2 series the perfect illuminator for those wanting the ideal lighting solution.

High performance : The series uses state-of-the-art LED technology with an array of lenses that provide different focal lengths and wavelengths. These LED lights can emit a high degree of brightness, making sure that the illumination is perfect for the precise acquisition of images in the industrial setting. The illuminator’s versatility allows it to be used in various industrial applications such as barcode reading, quality control, material inspection, ROBOT guide and more.

Industrial design : The illuminator is built with an industrial-grade aluminum frame that features a central hole for mounting the camera, making it a reliable and sturdy choice for vision systems and industrial automation. Additionally, the illuminator’s aluminium frame boasts of an excellent heat dissipation system that ensures optimal functioning even in high temperatures.

Designed for industrial automation

LED illuminators DM2 Series RODER flat dome

The use of flat dome illuminators in artificial vision systems is a growing trend in the field of robotics. These innovative LED illuminators offer an evenly distributed source of light that enhances the performance of vision systems, enabling them to function efficiently even in challenging lighting conditions.

The benefits of incorporating this technology into robot guides cannot be overstated, as it ensures they can quickly and accurately respond to their environments. Additionally, flat dome illuminators reduce the presence of shadows, enhancing the accuracy of image recognition. Their ability to eliminate glare and achieve diffuse illumination has made them a staple in many industries, including automotive and pharmaceuticals. As such, it comes as no surprise that more companies are turning to flat dome illuminators to enhance their artificial vision systems.

Why choose a DM2 illuminator ?

  1. Integrated driver
    Integrated LED control driver to enable proper LED current control. Possibility of ON/OFF control with external signal or PWM control. High speed ON/OFF function for remote control.
  2. Aluminium enclosure
    The housing is made of anodized aluminium that can ensure high heat dissipation produced by the LEDs and excellent structural rigidity even in larger models
  3. Very high efficiency LEDs
    Use of the latest generation of high-brightness, low-power LEDs
  4. Dome version or optical lens on LEDs
    The illuminator can be used both in dome mode and with LEDs equipped with a focusing lens
  5. HTTM Technology
    Use of HTTM technology for high heat dissipation produced by LEDs
  6. Test certificate
    Each illuminator undergoes a 48-hour test cycle and is issued a test certificate delivered with the product
  7. Camera support
    The illuminator can also be used as a support base for the camera ( bracket not included )
  8. Profile with side groove
    Profile with side fixing groove for easy, fast and flexible attachment to walls or structures
  9. Industrial connector
    Connector with threaded ferrule fastening for easy assembly and quick disconnection in case of maintenance

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Documentation – Family Datasheet

Typical applications

Conveyor belt applications

The DM2 series of illuminators can be used in applications where it is essential to have a good homogeneity of the field framed by the camera.
A camera can be installed in the centre of the field illuminated by the illuminator by means of the fixing hole. Typical applications are the measurement and control of parts in transit on production lines and sliding carpets.

Robot guide applications

Thanks to their flexibility and mechanical robustness, DM2 series LED illuminators can be used in ROBOT guidance applications.

Machine vision applications involving robot handling require high brightness of the light source and simultaneously high uniformity of the area framed by the camera.