Matrix direct LED illuminators – DL2 Series

roder vision dl2 series led illuminators for vision systems design

DL2 series – LED matrix direct illuminators for machine vision applications

High brightness in a small space : the DL2 series consists of a matrix of high-density, high-brightness LEDs. The DL2 series illuminators are used in confined spaces, where direct, high-intensity illumination is required.

Integrated driver : The DL2 series of illuminators integrates a current driver that stabilises and equalises the current in each LED in the matrix. This provides high uniformity of light output and stabilises the LED current even with small variations in supply voltage ( industrial standard 24 VDC).

HTTM technology : use of HTTM (High Thermal Transmission Material) technology for dissipating the heat generated by LEDs. Proper heat dissipation enables the light sources and control electronics to maintain optimum working conditions.