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In this section you will find a comprehensive introduction to the main concepts of Machine Vision, illumination technologies and image processing.

In the world of machine vision systems, illumination plays a crucial role. The right lighting components are key to ensuring
RODER vision application mechanical parts on belt vision systems with led lighters
RODER introducing the DL1, the powerful LED Matrix illuminator for artificial vision applications In the field of machine vision, proper
RODER vision application with led backlight and bottle on belt
The BL3 backlight LED illuminator is specifically designed for use in shadow projection-based systems. By directing light from behind the
RODER, a leading provider of advanced illuminators for machine vision applications, is proud to introduce its latest product innovation –
Optical filters are critical components for machine vision applications. They’re used to maximize contrast, improve color, enhance subject recognition and
The DL3M series has very small dimensions and the model with 15 degree lens allows the design of spot lighting
The ability of DL3M LED series to manage multiple illuminators connected in a chain configuration also allows the design of
The particularity of the DL3M family of LED illuminators is the possibility of creating distributed lighting systems. Each single illuminator can
The new DL3M Series LED illuminators also allow the creation of smaller backlighting systems. The use of an opal glass installed
The new DL3M series can be used for the design of distributed lighting on conveyor belts or on robot work areas where
RODER vision application with linear camera and LED lighters on tubes and cables
RODER Vision presents the new family of LED illuminators for direct illumination in vision systems based on linear camera. The
RODER vision led lighter for robot guide on belt or continuous products
RODER Vision presents the new family of bar LED illuminators for direct illumination in vision systems on belt conveyor systems
RODER vision application with compact led lighter and vision camera on nuts and small mechanical samples
The new miniature LED illuminators DC3M series by RODER SRL allow the design of compact vision systems based on industrial